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Common Display Fridge Problems and How to Fix Them

Even the most reliable display fridge can experience problems that might affect the success of your food-related business and lead to a loss of product and profit. These problems frequently arise during the busiest times, like the weekend dinner rush at your restaurant or the day your grocery shop has a huge deal. There are many common display fridge problems that many businesses may experience. Some display fridge problems are easy to resolve, while others need a little more work. A basic understanding of these problems will help business owners decide how to get the display fridge working most effectively and economically. Here are 3 of the most common display fridge problems and how to fix them.

1. Ineffective display fridge cooling

Naturally, you want your display fridge to maintain a cool temperature for your products, so you know there's a problem when it doesn't. The thermostat may be problematic if your display fridge operates at the proper temperature but fails to keep food and beverages cold. A commercial refrigerator may also struggle to maintain the right temperature for various reasons. This issue may be brought on by unclean condenser or evaporator coils, undercharged refrigerant, a damaged compressor, a faulty discharge tube or relief valve, or insufficient airflow.

Temperature difficulties are particularly concerning because they may easily result in issues with food safety and spoilage, which can result in significant financial losses for your business. Don't wait for temperature problems to go away on their own; fix them immediately to prevent losing all the food you're preserving. Before hiring a professional, you can handle a few easy things, such as verifying if anything obstructs the fan. Insufficient airflow will cause the fan to overheat, so it is vital to clean the fan. When these tips cannot solve the problem, and you're unsure what else might be wrong, it might be time to consult a professional.

2. Leaking water on the floor

This problem is also one of the most common display fridge problems but one of the riskiest, especially for customers walking near the display fridge. Fortunately, this problem has an immediate and simple solution that typically doesn't call for professional assistance. A clogged defrost drain is one factor in water leaking over the floor. Normally, the defrost drain is situated directly above the slope from the floor to the back of the freezer's back wall. Ice buildup and water leakage from the freezer and refrigerator might result from a buildup of food particles or debris blocking the drain pipe. One way to fix this is to try emptying the hole with warm water from the inside. Moreover, using a long, thin object like a pipe cleaner can also help remove the clog.

3. Display fridge running loudly

Nobody wants a noisy display fridge. Not only is it annoying because of the constant noise, but it can also lead to excessive energy costs, which can be very pricey. Your refrigerator unit may cycle too frequently and produce loud noises for many reasons, one of which is a buildup of dust or debris near the condenser coils. Indeed, compressors, motors, fans, and other moving parts in commercial refrigerators make a little noise, but it is recommended to keep an ear out for any unusually loud or sudden noises coming from the display fridge.

To fix this problem, you should first unplug your fridge. Check for the condenser coils usually found at the very bottom of your refrigerator. Find the grill-like part and pop out the snaps holding it in place to reveal the condenser coils. After this, clear the area around the condenser coils of any accumulated dust or debris with a tiny vacuum. You might even need to use a towel to eliminate any accumulation in those difficult-to-reach areas. Put the grill-like part back on and re-plug the refrigerator once all dirt and dust have cleared. If this doesn't address the problem, it might be necessary to bring in a professional since it could be the case that a condenser fan motor or thermostat sensor is malfunctioning.

The display fridge is one of the most crucial items in your food-related business. Knowing the basics of your specific model and what can go wrong can help you save a lot of money. Remember that display fridges are sophisticated appliances. While there are many minor problems you may resolve on your own, there are some issues that can only be resolved by a professional.

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